Sunday, April 28, 2013

CD Review – Scorpion Moon, by Sora

The Canadian songstress’s latest album is a great showcase for her vocal and compositional abilities, taking pages so to speak from sources as diverse as ancient myths and children’s fairy tales.
Sora’s lyrics are full of vivid imagery and heartfelt emotion, inspired as they are by her passion for literature and her strong stance on love and relationships.
Sora breathes life into these poetic musings with her supple voice, which commands your attention with its stream-like fluidity and in-your-face (in a good way) urgency. She has a unique style all her own, which is refreshing in the current climate of unreasonable facsimiles and unflattering imitation.
The songs are also richly adorned with solid, sparkling instrumentation. In addition to playing piano on one track, Sora has assembled a fine ensemble of musicians. This exquisite group takes the music effortlessly through a variety of genre forms, including pop, new age, Celtic, classical, and orchestral.
For those looking for a different listening experience, the CD provides a welcome detour from the usual expectations.
--Raj Manoharan

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