Sunday, April 7, 2013

CD Review – Visions, by Uwe Gronau

Keyboardist/composer Uwe Gronau delivers yet again on his third major international release.
Inspired by a nocturnal sojourn through the streets of Paris, Gronau uses his synthesizers to create a whirlwind of visceral, layered sound that weaves its way through a multitude of musical genres, including progressive rock, jazz, fusion, and New Age, all the while enrapturing listeners in its intoxicating spell.
In addition to a Yamaha piano and a Hammond B3 organ, Gronau plays Virus synthesizers and a Mini Moog Voyager, generating searing electric guitar tones, pulsating bass lines, and kinetic percussion over lush, ethereal textures. The CD also features guest performances by guitarist Pete Sayer and saxophonist Matthias Kreidel, who contribute their talents to one track each.
The album package is exceptional as well, featuring stunning French-inspired artwork, crisp artist portraits, and breathtaking nighttime photography. The high quality design and layout are worthy of the excellent music contained within, making the overall presentation very attractive.
If you dig the sounds of Phil Collins, Genesis, Jan Hammer, Michael Stribling and David Mauk and appreciate fine CD cover/booklet visuals, this album is right up your alley.
--Raj Manoharan

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