Sunday, May 5, 2013

CD Review – A Coalescence of Dreams, by Timothy Wenzel

On his second album, keyboardist/composer and molecular research scientist Timothy Wenzel conducts a fusion of musical ideas and themes – partly inspired by sojourns to Hawaii, his native Michigan, and Europe – that coalesce into a pleasant, dream-filled excursion.
Wenzel uses his keyboards and synthesizers to generate a variety of sounds, entrancing tones, and lush ethereal textures. In addition to gentle piano, Wenzel’s sonic palette includes strings, flutes, chimes, and percussion. The audio mix also includes the taut drums of Lenny Levesh on a couple of tracks and the scorching guitar of Denmark’s Michael Rud on one track.
While the recordings are complex in their intricately constructed layers, the compositions are at once simple and wide-ranging, evoking a visceral, cinematic feel.
This CD offers musical escapades that are both relaxing and exciting. Timothy Wenzel’s dreams are good dreams to have.
--Raj Manoharan

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