Sunday, June 23, 2013

CD Review – Songs to the Goddess, by Annette Cantor

On her new release, Annette Cantor offers up her own musical odes to “the goddess.” However, this is not just her perception of the goddess or any one perception of the goddess. The album features musical celebrations of different notions of deity from around the world and, as a result, features a truly global mix of world sounds.
The various ethnic musical styles are brought to life by new age pioneer C.G. Deuter, who, through the use of ethnic and mainstream instruments, masterfully weaves together a travelogue of world music.
The human element is provided by Cantor, whose wordless vocals literally give the music a voice without forcing predetermined thoughts and ideas on listeners. In this manner, Cantor brilliantly leaves the music open for interpretation and to be received however each individual listener hears fit.
Those who appreciate other musical and spiritual cultures will find much to enjoy on this album.
--Raj Manoharan

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