Monday, June 10, 2013

CD Review – Crown in the Sky, by Lis Addison

Unlike her previous album, which focused on vocal sounds and rhythms, Lis Addison’s new release features songs with lyrics. As always, though, social conscience is at the center of this unique artist’s work.
Originally intended as a musical, Crown in the Sky revolves around Addison’s concerns with “Mother Urth and her children.” Addison’s cautionary lyrics and firm vocals, the keyboard/synthesizer electronica instrumentation by her, her husband, and their musical cohorts (including the women and children of the Kamba tribe from Kenya on one track), and the environmentally aware songwriting give this CD the sound and feel of a female version of a new age pop/rock album by Sting, when he was relevant and good. As a result, this makes the disc more accessible to people who may not usually seek out conscientious new age music.
This is a highly enjoyable album for those who like pop/rock vocals with a progressive green message and new age and world music synth sounds.
--Raj Manoharan

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