Sunday, May 26, 2013

CD Review – Rumbadoodle, by Arun Shenoy

Indian-Singaporean world music artist Arun Shenoy has achieved something remarkable with his debut album, receiving a Grammy Award nomination on his first try and being the first Singaporean musician to receive a Grammy nomination.
Listening to the CD, it’s no surprise Shenoy has garnered this accolade. The disc contains a festive mix of rhythms and sounds from around the world, with the primary influence being flamenco of the rumba variety.
Starting with his guitar-based compositions, Shenoy has assembled a globetrotting lineup of musicians to bring his musical ideas to vibrant life, with electric and acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards and synthesizers, violin, and drums and percussion.
The result is an engaging microcosm of world fusion that fans of Ottmar Liebert and The Gypsy Kings will eat up.
--Raj Manoharan

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