Sunday, February 10, 2019

Black Panther Original Score (2018), by Ludwig Goransson

Black Panther is one of the absolute best Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and certainly the most unique, and its corresponding soundtrack is definitely the best of the bunch.

Ludwig Goransson has created music that is every bit as remarkable as the movie it underscores, especially in its visceral, life-affirming revelry of African sounds and rhythms.

Based on his personal, firsthand research into and study of African musical traditions, Goransson structured his compositions around indigenous vocals, tribal chants, and exotic ethnic instruments, especially drums and percussion (Police drummer Stewart Copeland employed a similar process for his groundbreaking 1985 Afro-pop/rock album The Rhythmatist).

The result is an incredible, epic work of Afrocentric world music fused with hip techno and electronica and rousing, soaring symphony orchestra.

"Wakanda," "Warrior Falls," and the last four tracks of the album are excellent, perfectly capturing the film’s interwoven themes of family, honor, and heroism.

The Black Panther score is not only the cream of the crop of Marvel and superhero movie soundtracks, but it also ranks among the most memorable film music of all time.

--Raj Manoharan


  1. Hi Raj,
    When googling my Uncle (John Goudas) your blog came up and I see that you dedicated it to him and his boss Steven Scheuer. Did you know them? My uncle passed away 11 years ago this month and I miss him every single day (he was my oldest and dearest friend as well as my uncle) so I love hearing about him. Thank you.

    1. Hi JB. I knew John Goudas and Steven Scheuer very well for three years, from 1993 to 1995, when I interned for Mr. Scheuer's King Features Syndicate TV newspaper column TV Key as an NYU undergraduate film and television major. My time with them remains the most memorable part of my college experience, as it led to a decade of me writing professionally about film and television and interviewing many of my favorite actors, filmmakers, and musicians (not at TV Key, unfortunately, but elsewhere). I will also never forget them, because they were the best mentors I ever had, plus they were a couple of really cool characters and two of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. My memories of that time and working with John and Mr. Scheuer have sustained me to this day, regardless of wherever I am and whatever I do. Thank you very much for your comment, JB, and I'm glad to know John was your uncle, and I'm sure a very good one. Raj