Sunday, July 28, 2013

CD Review – The Blue Rose, by Al Conti

West meets East in this fusion of world musical cultures, the fifth release from Grammy Award-nominated multi-instrumentalist Al Conti.
Based on an ancient Japanese fairy tale, the album presents the global new age style mastered by and unique to Conti and fuses it with elements of the Orient, resulting in a work that celebrates the best of both worlds.
In addition to keyboards, synthesizers, and other mainstream and ethnic instruments played by Conti, the CD features the talents of Ann Licater on flute and Hannah Beth Crary on fiddles.
My favorite tracks are “The Princess and the Emperor,” “Silk and Jasmine,” “Heart in Bloom,” and “The Blue Rose.” These are perfect examples of new age music, with lush, dreamy synthesizer textures and elegant, classy cascades of piano. “Heart in Bloom” even has a bit of an African flavor to it, which is actually very welcome and not at all out of place here.
This is a worthy addition to any discerning listener’s new age/world music library.
--Raj Manoharan

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