Sunday, February 10, 2013

CD Review – Somewhere in a Hidden Memory, by Trine Opsahl

The Norway-born Denmark-based harpist presents 15 original, self-penned tracks that are relaxing, uplifting, and inspiring.
The compositions have a lyrical beauty that envelops the listener in warmth, resulting in a calming, therapeutic effect. This is no surprise as Opsahl has designed this music with this purpose in mind, performing not only in concert halls but in clinics and hospices as well.
Opsahl’s playing also seems to be a natural extension of herself, flowing effortlessly from her mind and her hands. Her tones are equally exceptional, sounding not only like a traditional harp, but at times even like an acoustic guitar, mandolin, or harpsichord.
This album is perfect for those who enjoy the sound of stringed instruments or just need to hear something soothing.
--Raj Manoharan

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