Sunday, February 24, 2013

CD Review – Chimes of the Spirit, by Acoustic Ocean

On their third album, Acoustic Ocean offer up eleven predominantly instrumental tunes that cement their well-deserved status as one of the preeminent duos recording and performing in the New Age genre today.
Bette Phelan and Peggy Morgan combine their backgrounds as folk singer-songwriters with Celtic influences and the inspiration of their home base of Hawaii, resulting in a unique fusion of world music that could best be described as mystic rustic tropical.
The two are practically a whole self-conducted orchestra unto themselves, with Morgan playing Celtic harp, rhythm guitar, piano, and Tibetan singing bowls and Phelan playing acoustic and electric guitars, fretless bass, pennywhistles, mandolin, wave drum, hammered dulcimer, chimes, and keyboards (synthesizing Uilleann pipes and clarinet). The two also contribute their earnest, heartfelt vocals to some of the songs. They are joined as well by Anne Berliner on flute and Kay Aldrich on cello.
This is another excellent, engaging release by Acoustic Ocean, with a full, rich sound that soothes the soul and puts the mind at ease.
--Raj Manoharan

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