Monday, November 26, 2012

CD Review – The Maiden of Stonehenge, by Michael Brant DeMaria

This CD is a soundtrack to Florida’s Pensacola Little Theatre production of the same name co-written and coproduced by psychologist and recording artist Michael Brant DeMaria.
The play revolves around a young girl in Ancient Britain who sets out in search of acceptance and a new start, embarking on a deeply personal journey of exploration and self-discovery that culminates at the iconic assemblage of mythical stone structures in England.
As befits the mystical story and setting, the music is appropriately dark and mysterious, its nocturnal enchantment truly coming alive during a nighttime drive on forest roads beneath a starry sky. Given that the play revolves around an excursion, the album is ideal as a soundtrack for traveling. DeMaria works from a sonic reservoir full of keyboards and synthesizers, flutes, percussion, and chants, resulting in a rich, thought-provoking, otherworldly sound. Maggie Crain, the lead actress from the play, also provides serene vocals on a couple of tracks.
Judging from the song titles, themes, and story strands explained in the liner notes, I imagine that the music on this CD brings the play to life like no standard soundtrack could. However, the album also stands on its own as a penetrating piece of art conducive to pause and reflection.
--Raj Manoharan

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