Sunday, October 14, 2012

CD Review – Tales of a Gypsy, by Johannes Linstead

Johannes Linstead is a true gypsy indeed, and not just because the guitarist is of English-German descent and divides the year between his native Canada and the Dominican Republic. He is a world traveler, both literally and figuratively, in the language of music, and the Spanish guitar is his passport.
Linstead’s guitar is the musical thread that weaves together a multilayered fabric consisting of his keyboards, udu drum, shakers, and percussion effects, as well as congas, bongos, drums, oud, acoustic guitar, accordion, timbales, doumbek, pan pipes, operatic voice, and violin from an outstanding lineup of excellent musicians. The result is a musical mosaic that reflects a diverse range of styles including flamenco, merengue, classical, new age, and jazz. This is truly a fusion of world music, presented with unrelenting passion and vigor.
The album shows Linstead to be one of the most accomplished guitarists and composers on the music scene. His far-reaching vision and his ability to execute it, both on his instrument and as a bandleader, bring this CD to life. These are gypsy tales you won’t tire of hearing.
--Raj Manoharan

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