Sunday, October 28, 2012

CD Review – Eleven Drops, by Paz del Castillo

The latest release from Paz del Castillo features eleven solo piano tracks that reveal the artist to be a dynamic composer and performer and a master of taste and subtlety.
For Castillo, the title of the album conveys the idea that each tune on the album is like an individual drop of water that represents a different aspect of her life, mood, and/or personality. This is absolutely the case because the songs run the gamut of emotions and feelings, from inner peace and calm, to mystery and discovery, to wonder and awe.
The title is also apt in the sense that, although each number is unique and distinct, the album flows from one track to the next with a consistency and effortlessness that result in a unifying whole, like drops of water becoming a steady stream. Castillo’s dexterity and creativity engage the listener from beginning to end, making this a satisfying and enlightening experience.
This is another worthy offering that will be appreciated by aficionados of solo piano music.
--Raj Manoharan

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