Sunday, August 19, 2012

CD Review – Sacred Dreams, by Tron Syversen

Scandinavian keyboardist Tron Syversen presents another tranquil collection of rich, lush orchestrations designed to lull, soothe, and placate.

In addition to his piano and synthesizers, Syversen enlists a full ensemble of musicians to provide sonic support in the form of guitar, English horn, electric violin, cello, and flute. This keeps the music from sounding completely New Age and gives it a slight classical feel.

As always, Syversen is joined by his musical soulmate and co-producer, Elin Lokken, who provides wordless vocals throughout. Her warm, breathy voice provides reassurance and, in combination with Syversen’s and the other musicians’ instrumentation, creates an almost haunting quality.

Once again, Syversen has created music that is perfect for relaxation and refuge, serves as ideal background music for light work or other activities, and can be enjoyed on its own artistic merits.

--Raj Manoharan

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