Sunday, August 5, 2012

CD Review – The Gathering, produced by Will Ackerman

This 22-track collection comprises various previously released album cuts by 21 independent musicians produced over the last five years by Will Ackerman, with the final song provided by the Grammy Award-winning guitarist and Windham Hill Records founder himself.

The CD strikes a nice balance between piano-based compositions and guitar-centric tunes, with the one exception being a number from ubiquitous trumpeter Jeff Oster. Although the artists are independent, they are every bit as creatively brilliant and technically accomplished as their major-label counterparts. In fact, this album sounds just like a Windham Hill Records sampler. These musicians deserve to be represented by major labels, if it weren’t for the fact that major labels aren’t as interested in new age and contemporary instrumental music these days.

While this is basically a various-artists compilation, it is not a typically haphazard collection of discordant styles and idiosyncrasies. Ackerman has done a fantastic job of culling different songs that, although composed and performed by musicians each of whom have a unique and distinct voice, are of one accord musically, resulting in a gentle and tranquil soundtrack that’s perfect for road trips both real and imaginary.

--Raj Manoharan


  1. Thanks RajMan for posting your review on Cd Baby, and as well as here. Wishing you a wonderful week!

    Peace in Music,


    1. Thanks, Kori!

      The Gathering is one of the most beautiful CDs I've listened to, and one of the best compilations of various artists out there.

      All those involved with the project should be proud of the fantastic job they did.

      Thanks again for the well wishes, and I wish you the best in your endeavors.

      Take Care!


  2. Raj,

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