Sunday, April 1, 2012

CD Review – Wires Rosewood & Roots, by Bob Ardern

Nova Scotia-based guitarist Bob Ardern presents a collection of twelve gentle instrumentals that, as the title indicates, pretty much stick to the basics.

Ardern goes it alone on half of his intricate and lyrical compositions. On the others, he is accompanied by a solid set of collaborators and back-up musicians on bass, cello, piano, and percussion. They all provide stable support without taking away from the focus of the guitar.

Ardern’s playing is just as masterful and involved as his composing style. This is a six-string stylist who knows his craft.

Although the music is predominantly New Age, several of the tracks have a down-home rustic feel. “Scotch Rocks” stands out in particular because of its jazzy tempo and rhythm.

This CD is heartily recommended to fans of quiet guitar music, as well as anyone who appreciates tranquil, soothing music in general.

--Raj Manoharan

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