Saturday, March 24, 2012

CD Review – Dawn of Peace, by Lynn Yew Evers

Peace is what it’s all about on this collection of eleven tranquil solo piano tunes by Lynn Yew Evers.

The music is gentle and soothing, perfect for relaxation and getting away from it all. It is very melodic and intricately structured, making for a very fine listening experience.

Evers, who performs both in her native Malaysia and in America, displays exceptional songwriting skill and brilliant musicianship on all the tracks. Although this is strictly a piano recording with no embellishment or augmentation from other instruments, Evers manages to maintain interest throughout with a variety of nuanced techniques that take the music in different and engaging directions.

The subtle beauty of Evers’s playing is brought to the forefront by the excellent production of Grammy Award-winning guitarist Will Ackerman and his team at Imaginary Road Studios in Vermont. The recording is crisp and crackles with the warmth and immediacy of an intimate venue.

This is a worthy addition to the catalog of solo piano albums out there, and both aficionados and casual listeners will find something of value here.

--Raj Manoharan

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