Sunday, July 31, 2011

CD Review – Resonance, by Takashi Suzuki

The first album by architect, painter, and sculptor Takashi Suzuki is a fine work of art in itself, exhibiting all the traits of Suzuki’s other professions/trades.

Suzuki lays down a foundation of soothing synthesizer textures on the ten namesake tracks (“Resonance in Blue 1-10”), a canvas upon which he adds a dash of piano here and an accent of jarring sound effect there. The ten tracks, while exhibiting their own subtle nuances, are of one accord. They are similar in tempo and feel and have the effect of a sonic painting that slowly stimulates your senses and gradually works its way into your psyche.

This CD is New Age in the classic sense, with peaceful, tranquil tones that set the mind at ease and at the same time transform the listening experience into something more profound.

The music will definitely appeal to those who enjoy soft synthesized sounds but should prove just as useful to those seeking sonic escape and refuge. It is applicable in a variety of settings but is perhaps most effective during a nighttime sojourn under the stars.

--Raj Manoharan

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