Sunday, July 31, 2011

CD Review – …and Love Rages On! by AOMUSIC

You can’t help but feel the love on this joyous and exuberant celebration of the diversity of life throughout this planet. This is one of the most uplifting and inspiring albums I have had the pleasure of listening to in a long time.

AOMUSIC primarily consists of Richard Gannaway (stringed instruments, vocals), Jay Oliver (keyboards, synthesizers, samples), and Miriam Stockley (vocals), all of whom are also the principal composers and songwriters. They are backed by an impressive lineup of top session musicians and vocalists hailing from and recording in various parts of the world.

While most of the songs contain vocals, they are wordless vocals, or vocalese. In many cases, they are phonetically based on existing languages, helping create the sense of all the different languages of the world blending into one unified voice. In some cases, actual English can be discerned, such as on the second track’s deep baritone intonation of “I am another you…You are another me.” The throaty, raspy vocalization is so shadowy and sinister that it’s almost subliminal, which is probably the intent so as to foster focused reception of the message. The song then ends with a beautiful chorus of “I am you and you are me” ad infinitum.

A key ingredient in the success of this album is the utilization of various children’s choirs from around the world, including the CRC Children’s Choir from Beijing in the People’s Republic of China, the Martve Children’s Choir from Tbilisi in the People’s Republic of Georgia, and the Bishop Bavin St. George’s Children’s Choir from Johannesburg, South Africa. This bolsters the concept of different cultures and peoples coming together for a common goal – in this case a much-needed musical message.

This is a very enjoyable and stimulating album. If you like the global rock stylings of artists such as Peter Gabriel and Sting, as well as various ethnic vocals, you’ll dig this.

--Raj Manoharan

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