Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Return of Sting

After years of fiddling around with the lute, bringing the plight of shipbuilders from his native English town of Newcastle to Broadway, and reforming a little side project called The Police for a low-key, two-year world reunion tour, Gordon Matthew Sumner (aka Sting) returns to the pop/rock scene with 57th and 9th, his first proper album in the genre in well over a decade.

Slated for release on November 11, the record has the 64-year-old singer/bassist accompanied by his longtime bandmates, guitarist Dominic Miller and drummer Vinnie Colaiuta (Colaiuta also played drums on one of Police guitarist Andy Summers’ solo albums). Guests include guitarist Lyle Workman, San Antonio-based Tex Mex band The Last Bandoleros, and bassist Josh Freese.

The album title and cover photo seem to suggest that the recording was made in New York City, at least partially. Or maybe it was rehearsed there. Sting might even make a concert appearance or few in the Big Apple to promote and support the new material.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect. If you’re a Sting fan, the album could be either a victory celebration or a consolation prize depending on whether your guy or gal wins or loses a few days earlier.

--Raj Manoharan

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