Monday, May 2, 2016

CD (Fan) Review – Lotus, by Mike Moreno

The fifth album from Mike Moreno marks a major step forward in the artist's evolution as one of the most formidable and significant guitarists in the contemporary jazz scene.

Moreno's original compositions are grand and ambitious, with lyrical acoustic guitar musings that exude dreamy sentiment and smart electric guitar lines that bop with elegant finesse.

A touch of grace is provided by Aaron Parks on piano, and bassist Doug Weiss and drummer Eric Harland keep things moving with deep-rooted rhythmic grooves and highly charged percussion.

While the band functions as a tight unit, Moreno clearly shines as both a soloist and a leader, continually honing and refining his craft as he takes it to new heights of innovation and virtuosity.

Listening to Moreno's brilliant guitar playing is nothing short of ecstatic joy.

This CD will be very much appreciated by those who enjoy high-end jazz guitar and those who dig thoughtful instrumental music that is inspiring and resonant.

--Raj Manoharan

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