Monday, March 21, 2016

CD Review – Coming Home, by Peter Jennison

Veteran American soldier and pianist Peter Jennison's second album is just as moving and poignant as his first, perhaps even more so.

Like his previous release, the new entry was written during Jennison's tour of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, resulting in a thoughtful musical perspective unlike most.

The tone of the record is very reverent and almost elegiac, thanks especially to Jennison's intricate, lyrical compositions and masterfully understated performance style.

The highlight of the album is Jennison's amazing take on “Taps,” with the horn part really stretched out and Jennison filling in the spaces with his ivory reverie. This is the most beautiful version of the song I've heard. Jennison really makes it his own, giving it dramatic breadth and turning it into a breathtaking work of brilliant radiance.

In addition to Jennison, the CD features the talents of producer Will Ackerman on guitar, Charlie Bisharat on violin, engineer Tom Eaton on bass and keyboards, Eugene Friesen on cello, Jill Haley on English horn, Jeff Haynes on percussion, Jeff Oster on flugelhorn, and Noah Wilding, Heather Rankin, and Rory Sullivan on vocals.

--Raj Manoharan

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