Sunday, February 21, 2016

CD Review – Voices from Heaven, by Runar Halonen and Tron Syversen

The title of this collaboration between vocalist Runar Halonen and keyboardist Tron Syversen couldn't be more apt, as the magical and mystical sounds pouring forth from the celestial realms onto this divine album demonstrate.

As he has proven on his previous releases, Syversen is an undisputed master of the sonically ethereal and lush, creating dimensional layers courtesy of his synthesizers. He continues to construct themes that both please the senses and stimulate the intellect.

Halonen is an interesting collaborator in that he transcends the typical implementation of vocals and utilizes his voice to maximum effect, enhancing and embellishing and becoming one with Syversen's synthesized tones. Halonen sounds almost like another instrument, but one that is man rather than machine.

The end result is a fulfilling musical journey that will delight, enlighten, and illuminate no matter your approach to and taste in music.

--Raj Manoharan

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