Sunday, October 19, 2014

CD Review – Unlike the Stars, by Vin Downes

Acoustic guitarist Vin Downes' third album is up for Best New Age Album in the 57th Annual Grammy Awards, and deservedly so.

This is one of the best acoustic guitar albums out there; it flows beautifully from beginning to end, with nary a dud on the track list.

This is a testament to Downes' craftsmanship as a composer and his skill as a guitarist. Every chord and note is rapturous, and the sound is lush and luxurious thanks to the studio acumen of producer Will Ackerman and recording engineer Tom Eaton.

Grammy winner Ackerman contributes additional guitar to one track, with other guest turns throughout by bass impressario Tony Levin, cellist Eugene Friesen, and flutist David Watson. Friesen's cello and Watson's flutes blend very nicely with Downes' guitar, by the way.

This is more than just a great guitar record – this is great music, period.

--Raj Manoharan

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