Sunday, September 7, 2014

CD Review – The Undiscovered Horizon, by Harrison Edwards

The fourth release by composer and keyboardist Harrison Edwards isn't what one might typically think of as new age music, but new age has come to be synonymous with contemporary instrumental music, and Edwards' new CD is a lively and engaging entry in the genre(s).

Although Edwards is the only performer on the album, he has such command of synthesizer technology that he is able to simulate the sound of a full band plus an orchestra, complete with piano, guitars, bass, drums, percussion, and strings. The result is a disc that has the feel and chemistry of a host of players and instruments, all conceived in the mind of Edwards and brought to fruition through his electronic sleight of hand.

Edwards' compositions are dynamic in their diversity, running the gamut from pensive and moody to robust and bouncy. Edwards is certainly resourceful when it comes to musical creativity and expression.

If Edwards remains undiscovered in your catalog of sounds, it is time to change that and give him a few spins.

--Raj Manoharan

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