Sunday, August 17, 2014

CD Review – Nocturnes, by Dan Chadburn

I've read reviews that say quiet music is great for getting in the mood to drift away peacefully to sleep and also that such music should not be listened to in the car for danger of dozing off at the wheel. I've heard some “hard-driving,” “rocking” music that is such a dreadful bore that it put me out. I say that good, dynamic music should never induce slumber, serene and tranquil though it may be. Rather, it should always command attention regardless of its level of amplitude. Dan Chadburn's latest album is one such example of quiet music that merits and rewards careful and concentrated listening.

As the title suggests, Chadburn's compositions are inspired by and reflective of nighttime calm and rest. However, the writing is so creative and the performances so brilliant that you can't help but be positively rapt by Chadburn's muse and execution.

In addition to Chadburn's delicate and deliberate mastery of the keyboard, the CD features the talents of Martin Hackleman on French horn, Helen Hausmann on viola and violin, and Carole Libelo on English horn, adding a dimension of elegance to Chadburn's already eloquent music.

Whether you're a fan of piano music or just like good music in general, you can't go wrong with this collection.

--Raj Manoharan

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