Sunday, July 27, 2014

CD Review – Soundtrack to Life, by Cosmo Frequency

After more than two decades apart, lifelong Utah natives and childhood friends Paul Martinson and Brent Vincent (the former a new age musician and the latter a dance club DJ) reconnected and found themselves on the same musical wavelength again. After they added Lisa Wegener's vocals to their eclectic mix of keyboard and synthesizer sounds, Cosmo Frequency was born.

Even though this is their debut album, the trio sound like old hands in the studio. The production is very slick and refined, with crisp, clear sound.

The group takes its name from Carl Sagan's landmark television series Cosmos, primarily because of the music composed by electronic artist Vangelis, who is famous for his iconic score to Chariots of Fire. The inspiration of Sagan's vision can be found in the grand, epic scope of the compositions, and the influence of Vangelis heard in the highly polished and crystalline sheen of the synthetic sounds.

Cosmo Frequency and their soundtrack to life are the nexus where humanity and high-tech meet, and from a musical point of view, that's not a bad spot to find yourself in.

--Raj Manoharan

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