Sunday, June 8, 2014

CD Review – Invitation From Within, by Ann Licater

The title says it all, as the music on this CD is so soft and penetrating it seems to emanate from your subconscious.

As quiet as the compositions are, they are yet dynamic in their structure and complex in their layers, resulting not only in an uplifting but also a thoroughly whole sound experience.

Ann Licater's wood and silver flutes are the primary ingredients that make up the sonic magic evident on this CD. Licater's musical vision is fully realized through a host of other key elements, including vocals by Licater and Liz Addison, electric bass by Peter Phippen, steel tongue drum by Phippen and Jason Introwitz, trumpet by Jeff Oster, piano by Ivar Lunde, hand-held quartz crystal bowls by Kathleen Farrell, Afro-Peruvian cajon percussion by David DiLullo, and conga by Introwitz.

This is a lush, luxurious album that provides soothing refreshment for the soul.

--Raj Manoharan

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