Sunday, April 27, 2014

CD Review – Redemption, by Paul Spaeth

Paul Spaeth returns with a collection of eleven solo piano performances (with some cello and violin) that are resplendent with transcendent serenity.

As art is subjective, Spaeth went into this recording with his own vision of what the music represents, and listeners will come away from the music with meanings that are specific to them.

What is definitely not open to interpretation is Spaeth's talent for original, creative compositions and exquisite, nuanced playing. The tunes range in variety from gentle and tranquil to epic and grandiose, and Spaeth's mastery of the keyboard enables him to command different styles and techniques to elicit those diverse moods.

The album also features Tina Guo on cello and Christopher Luther on violin.

This is a fine and worthy entry in the solo piano genre.

--Raj Manoharan


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