Monday, March 31, 2014

CD Review – The Next Stage, by Louis Colaiannia

Composer/keyboardist Louis Colaiannia not only brings his A game here, but he also definitely takes it to the next level with a strong jazz/rock fusion entry that would be perfectly at home on mainstream smooth jazz radio.

While the smart, snappy compositions are based primarily around Colaiannia's piano and synthesizers, the music is also heavy on the horns and the rhythm section. Colaiannia's band includes Eduardo “Bijoux” Barbosa and Melvin “Torch” Morford on bass, Bob Glassman and Burt Shur on drums, Joey Glassman on percussion and vibraphone, Bill Kerr and Danny Masters on guitar, Evelyn Rutenberg on flute, and Rex Spease and Greg Vail on saxophone.

The result is a full band sound that gives the music on the album enough weight to fulfill its lofty aspirations in a satisfyingly rich and well-rounded package.

--Raj Manoharan

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