Sunday, October 6, 2013

CD Review – Voyage: Hiroshima Eternal, by Takashi Suzuki

Not only is Hiroshima the place of residence for Takashi Suzuki as well as the site of a notorious historic event, but it also the creative impetus for Suzuki's latest work, resulting in an album that is among the highest order of synthesizer music.
Neither Hiroshima itself nor its implications are the focus of the CD. Rather, Suzuki uses Hiroshima as a jumping-off point to explore the journey of an imagined soul after the end of its corporeal life in a real catastrophe. Suzuki has basically created the soundtrack for that conceit.
And what a soundtrack it is!
All the sounds on the disc are generated entirely by Suzuki's synthesizers, which is easy to forget because this is as far from sounding like electronic music as you can get. In fact, the music is very orchestral, but in a more solemn, heartfelt--rather than full-bore, bombastic---manner. Think searching, penetrating horns and strings.
Also telling is the fact that this is Suzuki's first international CD release to feature tracks with separate, distinct titles, furthering the effect of a story with a unique theme unfolding.
This is a bold musical statement from a visionary, continually evolving artist.
--Raj Manoharan

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  1. Dear Raj,

    Thank you very much for your kind review on Hiroshima Eternal.

    Best Wishes, takashi