Sunday, September 15, 2013

CD Review – Awakening, by Stephen DeRuby

While the music on Stephen DeRuby’s latest album is primarily based on Eastern philosophy and culture, it draws just as much from other exotic sounds from around the world, resulting in an ear-opening amalgam of world music styles.
In addition to the audio styling of India and the Far East, the music also features some elements that could be characterized as African and South American, all fused through the new age and world fusion sensibilities that DeRuby adeptly demonstrates.
The focal point of the music is DeRuby’s mesmerizing, hypnotic compositions and melodic lead flute playing, which is beautiful, on target, and commands attention. DeRuby’s performance is nicely embellished by a host of other musicians on instruments such as guitar, bass, keyboards, and percussion.
This is a very well-done CD that provides mental and emotional release, as well as a pleasant listening experience.
--Raj Manoharan


  1. Hi Raj, Thank you for your awesome review. I really like what you wrote. It is concise and captures the feeling of the music.
    I appreciate your submitting it to CD Baby and Amazon.
    Musical blessings, Stephen DeRuby :)

  2. My pleasure, Stephen! I wish you the best of luck with your CD. Take Care! Raj