Sunday, August 11, 2013

CD Review – Hokulea, by AOMUSIC

On their fourth release, as always, AOMUSIC prove that their brand of world pop/rock is truly global, utilizing the talents of musicians and singers from around the world.
AOMUSIC consists of Richard Gannaway on stringed instruments, Miriam Stockley (the voice of Adiemus) on vocals, and Jay Oliver on keyboards and synthesizers. The trio is assisted by accomplished session musicians recorded in their various local studios from all over the planet, as are the guest singers. Many of the vocals, which are a combination of English, foreign, and phonetics, are also provided by children’s choirs in America, Africa, Ireland, and Nepal.
The songs, which are primarily invigorating power ballads, are broad and universal in their appeal and full of uplifting joy. The fact that they are brought to life by different people across borders and continents makes this album a truly rich, diverse expression of unity.
--Raj Manoharan

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