Sunday, January 6, 2013

CD Review – Medicine Melodies: Songs the Healers Hear, by Silvia Nakkach with Christopher Eickmann

Sound healer Silvia Nakkach taps into the traditions of natural healers from time immemorial with this collection of vocal chants encompassing Indian, Sufi, Tibetan, African, and ancient American culture, with musical instrumentation and sound design coordinated and supervised by Christopher Eickmann, as well as others.
The vocal chants are entrancing and hypnotic, performed and recorded in such a way that they seem to be emanating from within your own consciousness. The instrumentation is also soothing and relaxing, providing the perfect framework for the vocal chants to work their charms.
Of all the tracks, my favorite is “Hymn to Saraswati.” You don’t have to have any particular inclination or leaning to appreciate the earnestness and devotion of the vocalists, who exude utmost humility and supplication. I could listen to a whole album of just this.
--Raj Manoharan

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