Sunday, September 16, 2012

CD Review – Beyond the Turning, by Heidi Breyer

Heidi Breyer unleashes a tour-de-force of musicality that leaves strong and vivid impressions long after the last note plays.
The sensitive pianist really ups the ante on this offering with a stellar lineup of top-notch musicians that makes the compositions come alive with passion. The CD starts off with a tender duet between Breyer’s comforting keys and David Cullen’s searing electric guitar tones.
From there, the album provides a steady flow of pensive emotion sustained by intricate solo, duo, and trio performances. Breyer’s collaborators include Cullen on acoustic guitar, Charlie Bisharat on violin, Eugene Friesen on cello, Jill Haley on English horn, Samite on vocals, flutes, and adungu (a nine-string African harp), Premik Russell-Tubbs on lyricon and saxophone, Bob Colwell on accordion, Marc Enfroy on string group coordination, Max MacFarland and Michael Manring on bass, Steve Holley on drums, and Jeff Haynes on percussion.
In coordinating all of this musical chemistry, Breyer has created a unique album of exotic sounds and deep personal insight whose appeal will reach far and wide beyond just fans of piano music.
--Raj Manoharan

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