Sunday, July 1, 2012

CD Review – Touched by the Sun, by Todd Boston

This is only Todd Boston’s second solo album, but you might think it’s his twenty-second judging by the intricate compositions, masterful performances, and impeccable musicianship that make the guitarist sound like an old hand.

In addition to acoustic guitar, Boston plays dotar (an Indian lute), flute, and bass, and is joined on this outing by a stellar lineup that includes bassists Michael Manring and Tony Levin, percussionist Jeff Haynes, tabla and cajon player Ramesh Kannan, violinist Charlie Bisharat, cellist Eugene Friesen, and vocalist Snatum Kaur (whose 2012 tour features Boston).

The wide-ranging instruments and the talents behind them give the CD an equally varied and exotic feel, encompassing new age, world, and fusion. But at their core, all the tracks exhibit a down-home, folksy vibe that makes the music warm-hearted and accessible.

My favorite tracks are “Twilight,” “The Brightest Night,” “Under the Orion Sky,” and “Touched by the Sun,” but the entire album is serene and beautiful.

--Raj Manoharan

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