Saturday, February 4, 2012

CD Review – Bindu, by Michael Brant DeMaria

On his latest album, Ph.D. psychologist and musical therapist Michael Brant DeMaria sets out on a sonic exploration of the inner depths of human consciousness and existence.

He explains in the liner notes that the title of the CD is a Sanskrit word that can refer to a moment of creation or awakening, and the musical motif he has constructed is certainly in keeping with that theme.

DeMaria builds layers of sound including flutes, keyboards, and synthesizers, creating a somber, almost ominous mood that fosters deep inner reflection. These serious, intricate textures gradually build to a crescendo, resulting in moments that seem to be the musical equivalent of liberating self-realization. This gives the music the feel of the dark before the dawn.

The album’s moody lyricism engenders a foreboding sense of anticipation that finds cathartic release in the CD’s bright moments, making it ideal for meditation, reflection, and introspection.

--Raj Manoharan

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