Saturday, May 28, 2011

CD Review – Spiritual Piano, by Steven C

The latest album from pianist Steven C features music with a message, and the message is resoundingly good.

The message is not an obviously audible one, as the music is entirely instrumental. Rather, the message is the deep well of spirituality, compassion, and good will within the artist that inspired him to compose these gorgeous and moving songs, among his most passionate. In fact, of the three Steven C recordings I have reviewed thus far, this is easily the most heartfelt and invigorating.

Steven C has provided explanations of the meaning behind each piece of music, but you don’t have to know what they are to enjoy and understand the music. Chances are that the compositions will make you feel the very things that influenced their creation in the first place.

The CD strikes a nice balance between intimate solo piano tunes and full-fledged band tracks with mandolin, violin, guitars, bass, and percussion. The most affecting compositions for me are “Knowing,” “Temporary Space Suits,” “Space and Time – 2012,” and “The Spirit World – Return to Sender,” but the entire album is enjoyable from beginning to end.

This is another fine album by Steven C, and one that you will enjoy whether or not you like piano-based music.

--Raj Manoharan

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