Monday, August 30, 2010

TV – Congratulations to Eric Stonestreet and Modern Family on Their Emmy Wins

I’m very happy that Eric Stonestreet won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for his role on ABC’s Modern Family, which also won Emmy Awards for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series and Outstanding Comedy Series, which I am equally very happy about.

Everyone from that show deserves an Emmy, because they are all fantastic. They are one of the funniest ensembles on television right now.

Before the show premiered, I had set my mind on watching it solely because of the participation of Ed O’Neill, whom I’m a fan of from his iconic, outrageously over-the-top turn as Al Bundy on the 1987-1997 smash hit FOX sitcom Married with Children. I wasn’t expecting much, though, because O’Neill hadn’t made much of an impression since the monster success of Married with Children. Sure enough, when Modern Family started, I wasn’t keen on O’Neill’s new role. Not because he wasn’t funny, but because, compared to the live-action cartoonish buffoonery of Al Bundy, O’Neill’s quieter, subtle humor on Modern Family was more like Agnes of God.

From the get-go, however, the situations and characters have been hilarious, and O’Neill has grown nicely into his role as the grandfather patriarch of his extended family.

So kudos to Stonestreet, O’Neill, and the cast and crew of Modern Family for producing an Emmy-winning comedy that is actually worthy of our time, our involvement, and most importantly, our laughter.

--Raj Manoharan

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