Sunday, February 5, 2012

CD Review – A New Horizon, by Jose Luis Serrano Esteban

Jose Luis Serrano Esteban shares his last name with another well-known and accomplished guitarist, but that’s where the similarity ends. Jose’s second album reveals him to be an amazing and soulful fusion guitarist of solid technical prowess and melodic brilliance.

The CD is a stunning showcase of beautiful compositions and impeccable musicianship, layered richly with Jose’s nylon-, steel-, and 12-string acoustic guitars, electric guitars, basses, keyboards, and percussion, as well as contributions from others on clarinet, flute, violin, 12-string acoustic guitar, and bass.

Jose has the killer tone and technique of Eric Johnson and the creativity and progressive edge of Andy Summers while still forging his own unique voice, putting him squarely in the echelon of those two heralded fusion guitarists as well as other similar six-stringers.

The pop and rock acts that have emerged in the last couple of decades (with the exception of John Mayer, who is legitimately talented on the instrument) sorely lack the level of guitar mastery displayed on this CD. I honestly thought that Eric Johnson was one of the last true guitar heroes. I have been proven wrong. We need more guitarists like Jose Luis Serrano Esteban.

--Raj Manoharan

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